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    We would love to send you the best offers relevant for your child from time to time and so we have added these details to your First account details. BRB, off to reminisce on allll the perfect Rory & Dean moments.

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    " Well it's not, unless you want a life confined to meaningless sex, pointless relationships and a bevy of women nagging for commitment, (or a return phone call!

    ) We all know the staggering statistics; marriage is on the downward spiral, we are shunning having kids, flitting from job to job and avoiding mortgages like a plague, all so that we can travel the globe, spend more on luxury goods and pontificate how free and liberated we are.

    If I write about all the failings of women, all their evil, all the reasons to avoid them, I'm just another voice in the crowd, and not a very good one at that.

    I don't have the knowledge that a lot of other writers have, mostly because a) I just discovered the truth earlier this year, and b) I don't read and study as much as they do. And my basic criteria for reading is, if I'm not enjoying the material, I don't finish it.

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    But it draws parallels with Japan’s now mostly defunct omiai arranged marriage tradition, in which parents suggested partners for their adult children.

    supporters perhaps - who hate the idea of foreigners coming here and importing their barbaric and nasty practices of honour - may wish to take comfort.

    The trend has been coined “Kousai zero Nichikon”: roughly translated as “marrying without dating”.

    When I first started writing posts for this blog, I think it was meant more to help myself than to try and spread any kind of message.

    Don't get me wrong, if I can help single men STAY single and never make the same mistake I did (marriage), I will be very happy.

    Here's a quick question for the blokes: does the thought of being in a relationship conjure up a stream of feelings along the lines of, "there goes my freedom... Then there are those of you who are "seeing someone" yet refuse to admit it.

    You brag to your mates about your latest conquests, gloat over the girl who won't stop calling/text messaging/emailing and snicker how you have no idea why she's in love with you, declaring "I only went out with her once. " In a nutshell, these men revel in their freedom to be as messy, greedy, sports-loving, junk-food-scoffing and as womanizing as they please.

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