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    Because, as he said, he could eat it use it in his coffee instead of buying milk.” Also suspect: He once flew to see her in Portugal at a moment’s notice.

    Dating a guy with one leg

    When Mayo woke up days later at Erlanger hospital, Webb was in the room holding onto a note he had written so that he could properly communicate what he wanted to say to the woman he loved, but almost fatally injured.Even though there was no bad blood between Mayo and Webb, Webb got in some legal trouble following the incident.Heck, I even drove myself 50 miles to the emergency room. As long as you let the guy know ahead of time, there shouldn't be a problem; not the "oh, I guess I forgot to tell you - I shattered my knee'. If you find someone nice in the meantime, go for it! You'll encounter this even if you have one hair out of place.I read so many profiles from men looking for picture perfect ladies (and I am not) that I just wanted to see if the brace was an immediate turn-off. The list of things to do may be limited, but not impossible. You could even make a joke to break the ice like "Ok, but just to warn you, our first date won't be going dancing" Or something clever... Getting out and about despite an injury/cast etc... Eventually, it could be now or in the future when you meet somebody who's simply interested in you. He is five yrs older than I am and is very interested and me. we have been communicating online for a yr now and through... He is five yrs older than I am and is very interested and me. It's true that having a prosthetic leg can be a nuisance sometimes. But realistically, it sounds like the guy is more physically active than the average non-handicapped guy.

    Such as since you are presumably off your feet, does that mean you are sitting around a lot, bored, and so will think a desire to meet on my part means I am saying "call, text, im me anytime and all the time because I want to do nothing but chat while you're bored, and want to hear all about how bored you are and whatever you are reading on the internet at the time (and if I am not at your immediate bored desire that makes me a bad person, and constantly questioned), I want you to make me your focus since you can't go out and focus on your life at the moment due to lack of mobility."I wouldn't be willing to meet you after that happens.

    In most cases, nothing is lost from the relationship, nothing is comprimised and in most cases the person is as independent, if not more, than a person without disabilities.

    If it were only a physical handicap like a 3rd nipple, 6th toe or missing appendage it shouldn't matter.

    I remember in one of my junior college classes there was this girl who had half of her arm amputated for whatever reason(I believe it was from the elbow down).

    I turned down a guy because he was missing HALF of one of his fingers. Everyone deserves love, I just can't give my love to everyone. I have never really thought about this type of a scenario, but it's a very good, thought-provoking question.....

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